Photography services

Veijo Härkönen


I am Veijo Härkönen, Finnish photographer living in Kempele, nearby Oulu. One of my passions is photography. I have been studying photo shooting and developing myself by capturing moments over a decade.

In past year I have started to act as part-time photographer besides my actual profession focusing on weddings, christenings and sports events. Diverse photography experiences over the years about events, people, milieus and other subjects has given such photography routine and reliability which guarantees quality results. Also photography equipment meets professional requirements and ensures best possible technical quality.

The most important events of life, such as weddings and christenings, are valuable moments. Photos save such beautiful moments forever and raise the special memories up again and again. To ensure successful capturing of the moments it is important that photographer selection is done properly by comparing different options carefully.

If you are planning weddings or other family celebration in Oulu region please contact me and ask for an offer.


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